Building Facilities Construction Committee



Appointing Authority
3-Year Tem Expiration
Linda Brown, Vice Chair
Selectmen 2023
Fred Fontaine Town Moderator
Raymond Clontz School Committee 2025
Shirley Mosczynski, Chair School Committee
Robert Werme Town Moderator 2024
Town Moderator
Vacant Bylaw
Vacant Selectman  


The Building Facilities Construction Committee was created under the provisions of Article 10 of the Town of Douglas General Bylaws. It is comprised of an appointed 7-member committee with 3 members being appointed by the Board of Selectmen, 3 members by the Town Moderator, and 1 by the School Committee. The Town Engineer also serves on this committee as a non-voting member. The Committee is intended to be used as a resource for various Town Construction Projects with a cost of $50,000 or greater and/or as requested by the Board of Selectmen.

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