Douglas Police Department Accreditation

Congratulations to the Douglas Police Department for being awarded the Massachusetts Police Accreditation by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission on February 4, 2020.  

In Chief Nick L. Miglionico wrote in this letter to the Town Administrator, "Verification by the Assessment Team that the Department meets the Commission's standards is part of a voluntary process to gain state Accreditation -- a self-initiated evaluation process by which police departments strive to meet and maintain standards that have been established for the profession, by the profession."  

The Certification status has been awarded for a three-year period ending January 2023.  The Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission, Inc. told Chief Miglionico, "The integrity vested in your Department now presumes functional compliance with program standards in between assessments which includes complying with all new and amended standards adopted by the Commission, and achieving state Certification demonstrates your Department's commitment to delivering an exemplary level of police service in your community.  We commend your Department for its accomplishments and applaud you personally for your leadership role in the process.  

Pictured with Chief Miglionico from left to right, Chief Russell Stevens from Hamilton Police, Chief Miglionico, Sergeant Aaron McLaughlin, Officer Brett Fulone, and Chief Scott McDonald from the Orleans Police.

2019 Thomas S. Green Public Service Award

CONGRATULATIONS to Adam Furno, one of four recipients of The Worcester Regional Research Bureau’s 2019 Thomas S. Green Public Service Award.

The Green Awards publicly recognize the efforts of individuals exhibiting the following characteristics:

• exceptional competence and efficient handling of all assigned responsibilities;

• enthusiastic performance of tasks above and beyond the call of duty;

• cooperative, helpful, and friendly attitude toward the public and fellow employees; and

• community involvement outside the scope of job-related responsibilities.

Douglas department heads nominated Adam Furno, a highway foeman, Facilities Maintenance Manager, Safety Coordinator, and a Captain and Call Firefighter, for the award.

Taken from The Research Bureau’s website:

• Mr. Furno’s primary title is Working Foreman in the Highway Department but he has taken on many roles for the Town. Adam also works in Building & Facilities Maintenance and is involved in every aspect of maintaining and improving Town buildings from major repairs to fixing leaks. He is a trained call fire-fighter and EMT, often a first responder at an incident. Adam “has had an enormous positive impact on the municipality.”

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Town of Douglas Wins Outstanding Citizenship Award

The Senator Louis Bertonazzi Foundation presented the Town of Douglas their “Good Citizenship Award”. The Foundation “offers a small incentive for people to exercise the privilege of voting: a privilege won and maintained by the courage and sacrifice of so many over the history of our country.” The elections of 2017-2018 showed Douglas with an average voting percentage of 30.40%.

Senator Louis Bertonazzi and Board of Director Dr. Carl DiGregorio, attended the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 to present the Douglas Town Clerk and Board of Registrars a check for $1,000 to be used as they see fit to increase future voter turnout. The Board of Selectmen were presented a roaming plaque to display for the next two years, and the citizens of Douglas were presented with a banner proclaiming Douglas as the “Best Voting Community” in 2017 – 2018.

The Foundation also sponsors an“Outstanding Teacher Award”, and a program to send one qualified Milford student to study in Italy each summer.