Contract (License) with Charter Communications

The current license with Charter Communications began November, 2013 and ends November, 2023. The license (PDF) provides Charter the authorization to offer Cable Television service in the Town of Douglas. Our prior license (2003-2013) is also available (PDF).

Our license with Charter is non-exclusive. We maintain interest in competitive Cable Television services in the Town of Douglas. We have reached out to Verizon on multiple occasions and are hopeful that in time they or other qualified companies will add to the options available to town residents and businesses.  Currently, Verizon has finalized their buildout plan for Fios in Massachusetts and Douglas did not make this list.  With any new company coming into the area, there would be significant cost in laying the infrastructure and this has a great deal to do with why Charter is the only provider at the moment.  

The license is governed primarily by the Federal Cable Act of 1984. Under this Act and through the license, Charter provides the Town of Douglas money to operate the Public Access and Government stations. The Cable Act does not provide the Cable Committee authority over the cost of Cable Television nor any formal involvement in Internet or Telephone services.