Plot Maintenance & Burial Information

Plot Maintenance

  • Proprietor has the right to cultivate and MAINTAIN shrubs (on sides of stone only; height will not surpass 2" from top of headstone). If shrubs/plants are not maintained, the Cemetery Commission has the right to remove said shrubs/plants at their discretion.
  • Artificial or fresh cut flowers can be placed in an invertible metal vase at any time; but they must be discarded when dead, faded, broken or of a similar nature.
  • Christmas arrangements will be allowed from December 1st to December 31st only.
  • No decorative items of any kind (this includes but not limited to balloons), except applicable holiday decoration are permitted at grave site and will be removed by the Cemetery Commission
  • Any lights or decorations that the grave owner may put up for HOLIDAY decoration, must be removed within 30 days or the Cemetery Commission has the right and will remove them. Lights of any kind are not permitted any other time.
  • No fences, regardless of what type or material, metal stakes or any other like items are permitted at any time.

Maintenance Note

The Commission has the right to remove anything they deem to be inappropriate.

Burial Information

Purchase a Plot

If you are interested in purchasing a cemetery plot, please contact Betsy Youngsma at 508-476-2065 or Leo Lyons at 508-476-2168 to set up an appointment to view available plots. The Cemetery Commission currently sells double plots (8 x 10) at the cost of $1,500 each. 

All payments should be made payable to the Town of Douglas.  Please mail your payment with the completed invoice (<--click underlined link to view/print) to:

Cemetery Commission

29 Depot Street

Douglas, MA 01516

Cremations in a Plot

Persons can bury up to six cremations in each double plot.

Opening a Plot

Unless being handled through a funeral director, a plot cannot be opened without presenting the Commission with the deed to the plot or a court order.

Green Burials

Anyone interested in Green Burials can contact one of the Cemetery Commissioners or your local funeral director.