Automatic Amusement Devise

The term "automatic amusement device'' as defined in MGL c140(177A), shall be construed as meaning any mechanism whereby, upon the deposit therein of a coin or token, any apparatus is released or set in motion or put in a position where it may be set in motion for the purpose of playing any game involving, in whole or in part, the skill of the player, including, but not exclusively, such devices as are commonly known as pinball machines including free play pinball machines, but not including slot machines as defined in chapter 23K." Video games also fall under this license.

NOTE: Pool Tables are licensed under a Pool Table License.


New applicants, please download the application and open in Adobe; fill in the document, print and sign the application. Using the checklist below, return all required items to the Selectmen's Office or drop in the Drop Box outside the Municipal Center.

Please allow at least three weeks for processing.  All applications must be reviewed by other boards, committees, or departments.  Once reviewed, the application will be placed on the Board of Selectmen's agenda.