Firearm Licensing & Information

Firearms Licensing Officer - Chief Nick Miglionico - (508) 476-2709 ext 115 with any Firearms Related Questions.

All applicants MUST appear in person at the Douglas Police Department to apply for or renew any firearms license.

All new firearms applicants MUST complete a certified firearms safety or hunter education course. The state of Massachusetts has provided a list of approved basic firearms safety courses. (Click Here)

An appointment will be made when you drop off your application paperwork.  Fingerprints and pictures will be taken at your appointment.   Upon completion of this process your permit will be electronically sent to the Firearms Record Bureau for final processing. This process should take approximately forty (40) days.

Print and Fill Out the attached Firearms Application below and Bring your completed Safety Course Certificate with Payment to the Douglas Police Department, 29 Depot St.

Firearms Application

To view requirements to obtain a License please view the attached file below:

Firearms Application Requirements

Payment by Check ONLY, Payable to the Town of Douglas
LTC Firearms (Class A or Class B)  $100.00
FID Class C $100.00
FID Class D (Chemical Spray Only) $25.00
FID Class C under age 18 (eff.7/12/11)                            $25.00
Age 70 or older no charge$0.00

More Information:

Resident gun and firearm permits are issued by local police departments. There are three basic types of permits: a firearm I.D. card, a license to carry, and a permit to purchase. An F.I.D. card is required to own, possess, or carry (with some restrictions) a rifle, shotgun, or ammunition including mace and to own or possess a pistol (handgun) which must be kept in the person's residence or place of business. A license to carry is required to transport or possess a handgun away from the residence or one's place of business and may also be used to possess and carry (with some restrictions) a rifle or shotgun. Permits to purchase are issued to F.I.D. cardholders to buy a handgun which, once purchased, is delivered by the local gun dealer to the home or place of business where the permit holder keeps it with the F.I.D. card. A permit to purchase conveys no right to transport or carry. Non-residents traveling in Massachusetts with handguns are generally required to obtain a non-resident license to carry. However, non-residents traveling in the Commonwealth transporting an unloaded rifle or shotgun in a carrying case do not need a permit.