Driveway Bylaw

Town of Douglas Bylaws Section 12 : Driveways

Prior to the construction of any new driveways that exits onto a public road or onto a private road that is part of an approved subdivision, the owner thereof must submit a plot plan of the proposed layout to the Highway Superintendent for his approval. 

In such proposal the owner must take into consideration the location of ingress and egress, insuring that:
  1. The public’s safety on the major road is protected
  2. That there will be no buildup of water and ice on the major road

Penalty Fees

  • 1st offense $25
  • 2nd offense $50
  • Subsequent offenses $50


View or download the Driveway Permit (PDF).


Adopted under Article 10 at the Special Town Meeting held on Thursday, June 29, 1978 and submitted for approval on July 10, 1978. The enforcing agent is the Building Commissioner / Highway Superintendent.