Seniors 65 Years & Older

Clause 41C : Seniors 65 & Over

Applications for a Clause 41C

Seniors 65 and over must be filed with the Board of Assessors on or before three months after the actual tax bill is mailed. An applicant must be 65 years old or over as of July 1st of present calendar year or you are a surviving spouse who inherits the property, has occupied it for at least five years and who otherwise qualifies. 

Senior application

Gross Receipt Guidelines

Gross receipts minus a social security allowance must be less than $20,000 if single, $30,000 if married, (the social security allowance changes annually). The whole estate less the value of the home except for the value of any portion which exceeds three dwelling units and produces income cannot exceed $40,000 if single, $55,000 if married. The exemption for this clause is $1,000.00.


Documentation is required that will disclose the financial circumstances of an applicant. The following documents are required, please note that first year applicants will also need to supply a copy of their birth certificate.

Gross Receipts from All Sources in Preceding Calendar Year:

  • Any other monies received (public assistance, capital gains, gambling)
  • Copies of interest and dividends received
  • Copy of all retirement benefits
  • Copy of Social Security Benefits Statement
  • Federal and state income tax returns

Assets / Value of All Property Owned on July 1st of the Present Calendar Year:

  • Any other personal property
  • Copies of bank account statements, savings and checking
  • Copies of statements stocks, bonds and securities
  • Motor vehicles and trailers
  • Real Estate

Application Guidelines

Application must be filled out completely and additional documentation must be attached for the Assessors to review the application.

Please contact the Assessors’ Office if you have any questions regarding the Clause 41C: Senior exemption application process.