Dog Licenses

License Overview

Dog licenses are done on a calendar year basis. A reminder is sent with the census form that is mailed out every January.

License Requirements

All dogs six months of age and older must be licensed. Rabies certificates are required at the time of licensing. Neutering / spaying certificate must be provided in order to receive the lower rate.
All dogs must be licensed by March 1st of every year.

License Application

If you would like to license your dog by mail please send: 
  • A check payable to the Town of Douglas
  • A copy of your current rabies certificate
  • Neutering / spaying certificate
You may also license your dog during regular business hours in the Town Clerk's Office or by dropping off your check, copy of current rabies certificate and copy of neuter/spay certificate in the drop box located in front of the Municipal Center, 29 Depot St.  The drop box is available 24 hours a day.


There is a $15 late fee per dog plus the cost of license effective March 1st. If your dog is still not licensed by April 1st, the late fee increases to $25 plus the cost of license per dog.  If you license your dog after June 1st, there is a $50 citation issued per dog in addition to the $25 late fee and license fee.

  • Male / Female : $20
  • Neutered / Spayed: $15


  • Breeder Kennel License: up to 10 dogs $120
  • Commercial Kennel License:  $150 (Business / boarding, grooming, breeding)
  • Hobby Kennel License:  4 - 8 Dogs $90 (Anyone that has 4-8 dogs in their home)

Unvaccinated Dogs

  • All dogs with expired Rabies Certificates are subject to a $100 citation per MGL 140/145B.  This citation can be issued at any time.

New Breeder or Commercial Kennel License

For a new Breeder or Commercial Kennel License, an application for a Special Permit must be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals before a license can be issued.