Government Programming Guidelines - Schedule

This minimum schedule shall be followed whenever possible:
  • Board of Selectmen: Tuesday 7 p.m., Thursday 1 p.m.
The Cable Advisory Committee may modify this schedule at any time.

Meetings listed above should be broadcast at additional times as well. Meetings not listed above shall be aired in a frequency and duration to be determined by the Cable Coordinator. Such additional meetings will be broadcast during prime time (6 - 11 p.m.) at least once per week and thereafter as equitably as possible.

Meetings should be broadcast for a maximum of 2 weeks following the first broadcast of the meeting. Meetings can be repeated more frequently or longer than two weeks upon request of any person if the meeting is of significant value and does not materially impact the scheduling of other programming.
The cable coordinator's decisions on scheduling shall be final, and can only be superseded by vote of the Cable Advisory Committee. The coordinator or Committee may assign the implementation of the programming schedule to any other qualified person or persons in the event the Coordinator or his/her designee is unavailable to perform such duty.

(Approved October 15, 2007. Update approved March 14, 2016.)