Recording Assistants' Participation in Meetings

A recording assistant is scheduled, as a representative of the Cable Advisory Committee, to an assigned meeting to record that meeting for the Cable Committee. All recording assistants must be respectful of the assigned meeting without interrupting. This includes the setup time previous to the meeting, during the meeting, after the meeting concludes, and while breaking down equipment.

If a recording assistant anticipates the need to participate in, or has business before an assigned meeting, the recording assistant must contact the cable coordinator to schedule someone else for that meeting.

If an unanticipated need for the Recording Assistant to participate arises, step away from the Cable Committee equipment and sit/stand in the attendee area to clarify that your participation will not be coming from your position as Recording Assistant. You will need to wait to be recognized by the Chair before participating in the meeting.

Unforeseen technical issue(s) that arise during the meeting that can impede with the recording of the meeting may respectfully be brought to the attention of the Chair.

(Approved May 12, 2014.)