Production Assistance

The Cable Advisory Committee shall provide assistance at no charge to those who wish to become "Producers" in order to create programming for the Public Channel.

The objective of this assistance shall be to provide Producers with the knowledge to become independent in their productions. Assistance shall be provided based on staff and volunteer availability, and priority will be given to generate new programming.

Producer Requirements

In order to create your own program with Douglas Cable Access equipment for air on Douglas Cable Access Public Channel and optionally streaming online, there are some minimum requirements.
  • Under 18: Guardian must sign off on all documents.
  • Under 16: Guardian must be present.
  • Open to Douglas residents, municipal employees, business owners and their staff.
  • Successful completion of the digital video fundamental training.
  • *Provide a production crew: writer, director, designer, engineer, talent, editor.
  • *You can fill any and all roles yourself, but they need to be filled by the producer.
  • "Program Idea" Submission Form.
  • Signed producer's Indemnification Form.

Assistance Provided

Douglas Cable Access will provide, upon meeting the above requirements:
  • Douglas Cable will get your show up and running, but producers will ultimately be responsible for their own production.
  • Room Reservation at the Municipal Center for producer meetings, read-throughs, rehearsals, and filming.
  • Camera, lighting, and audio equipment on loan as needed.
  • Video Editing Bay time upon reservation.
  • Training on all equipment.
  • Broadcast of final program on the Public channel and optionally streaming online.
(Update approved March 14, 2016.)