Any person who is a resident of the Town of Douglas shall be provided the right to submit programming for broadcast on the Public Channel. Non-residents are encouraged to seek a sponsor within the town to submit their programming. All programs must have a sponsor.


The person who created a program is considered the Producer. If a person did not create a program, but are requesting that program to be aired, they are considered the Sponsor. no program shall air unless requested to be aired by either a Producer or a Sponsor. The Cable Advisory Committee shall not be the Producer or Sponsor of any program, although individual members of the Committee can be either.


Under no circumstance shall the Cable Advisory Committee refuse to air any program based on the content of that program, unless the content is pornographic or otherwise prohibited by state or federal laws.

Programs which are understood to be of an adult nature shall be aired only between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Forms & Procedures

The Cable Advisory Committee shall establish forms and procedures for the submittal of programming for the Public Channel. These forms shall indemnify the Town of Douglas regarding the content of programming. By signing the submission form, the program sponsor assumes any and all legal liability relating to the program.

No program shall be aired without a completed submission form.

The Cable Advisory Committee may refuse submissions of incompatible formats or of poor image or sound quality.