Electronic Bulletin Board

The Cable Advisory Committee shall maintain an electronic "Bulletin Board" of items of interest to the general public. The Bulletin Board shall be displayed on one or more Cable channels for at least four hours between midnight and noon, and at least four hours between noon and midnight, with such times to be either contiguous or non-contiguous.

Bulletin Board Use

All local government, non-profit, and informal not-for-profit organizations may submit items for the Bulletin Board. Use of the Bulletin Board by for-profit organizations and purposes is prohibited under any circumstances.

Use of the Bulletin Board to advocate any position of a political nature or candidate for elective office is prohibited. General non-advocacy notices, such as those announcing a local party caucus, shall not be construed as prohibited by this policy.

The Committee shall develop a form to provide clear instructions and process for the submission of items for the Bulletin Board. This form shall provide instructions on the amount of submittal time required, the maximum length of a message, and the maximum time a message shall appear.

The public shall be encouraged to submit items electronically. Printed submittals otherwise consistent with the electronic form shall also be accepted.