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  1. Administration - Community Bulletin Board Postings

    Sign in front of the Fire Station for 1. Urgent Public Safety Information, 2. Elections, 3. Annual & Special Town Meetings, 4. Other... More…


  1. Community Bulletin Board Submission

    This information is to be used to request messages to be posted on the Douglas Cable Bulletin Board, seen on cable channel 191 and 192... More…

  2. Public Event Submission Form

    Please use this form to let us know if there's a Public Event that you think would make for a great television program. If it meets... More…

  3. Zoom Meeting Request Form

    Due to limitations within the Zoom platform, we can only book one meeting at a time. Please submit your preferred time and date, but... More…

  1. Meeting Copy Request Form

    If you'd like a DVD copy or a digital file you can download, please request using this online form.

  2. Video Equipment Sign Out Sheet

    Douglas Cable Access Video Equipment Sign Out Sheet

Fire Department

  1. Street Address Sign Request Form

    For residents to request an emergency street address sign.

Highway Department

  1. Trench Permit Application

    Application for trench permit.