Remote Meetings


  • Post your meeting/agenda with the Town Clerk within 48 hours of your meeting as per required by the MA Open Meeting Law:

  • Please use this online form to request a Zoom meeting from Cable.  

  • PLEASE NOTE:  All participants who wish to attend the Zoom meeting will need an authenticated Zoom account.  This means they will go to the Zoom site and create a sign in using an email and password.  This measure was added due to the uptick in "Zoom Bombers" making chaos of the open meetings.

  •  to create accounts, please share with your committee and anyone who wishes to join.  

  • Take the steps below to get you and your committee ready with the Zoom software.  Please copy and share this page address with anyone who will be joining.

  • Sign into Zoom a few minutes before the meeting and be ready to go "live" at the meeting time designated.  Use the link posted to the online calendar.

  • Chair/Co-Chair:  Upon entry, you will be made "host" which will allow you to have control over your Zoom meeting.  This allows you to mute/unmute and recognize folks who would like to participate in a way that you would in an in-person meeting as usual.  This also allows for protocols of "Executive Session" to be followed.   

    • Executive Session:  Please notify Cable staff of the intention of an executive session so that streaming/recording can be turned off.  Cable staff will then leave the meeting and the assigned Host of the committee will have controls until the end of the meeting.

  • Below is a short video explaining the Zoom controls as "Host".  Please familiarize yourself with the controls as Host prior to chairing any Zoom meeting.