Featured Devleopment Opportunities

Four Featured Areas

The four featured development areas of Douglas are divided into two sections, the Route 395 Western Douglas area and the Route 146 Eastern Douglas area.
Image of map of Douglas, with four featured area highlighted

Western Douglas

Western Douglas offers properties in the with industrial zoning that have access to Interstate 395. These properties are well suited for:
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage and other industrial facilities
  • Wholesale

Location Specifics

Abutting both the Webster and Oxford lines, one owner has control over potentially 11 lots totaling 28.5 acres. They are industrially zoned. Potential uses for these multi-acre lots include trade and building construction uses, small manufacturing, and warehousing, among others. Current land occupants include a pipe valve and fitting distributor, and a warehouse facility and a new, one-story building available for lease will be under construction in the near future.

Cliff Street provides access to the Douglas Business Park. Cliff Street originates in Webster as Sutton Road and continues into Oxford, and therefore would not significantly impact traffic within Douglas.

Eastern Douglas

Eastern Douglas sites, located one mile off of route 146, the main connector between Worcester and Providence, offers 645,000 square feet of build out area. It is suited for:
  • Financial services
  • Office
  • Restaurant uses
  • Retail

Location Specifics

Only 0.3 miles from route 146, the major Worcester-Providence connector, approximately 550,000 square feet of develop-able building area is available adjacent to route 146 near the Uxbridge and Sutton borders. Seventeen potential lots in both commercial and industrial zones have available water service, and sewer service in close proximity.

These sites are noted for the ease of land ownership issues, proximity to route 146, the major North-South highway between Rhode Island and Massachusetts that connects into the Massachusetts Turnpike, and the Town’s master plans to develop these sites to their full capacity.