Business Incentives

Development Opportunities

Douglas is a business-friendly community with plenty to offer you and your employees. Whether you are starting, expanding or relocating your business, the information found here will enable you to find development possibilities in Douglas.

Economic Target Area & Incentives

Douglas is a designated Massachusetts Economic Target Area. The Economic Development Commission (EDC) can work with your business to create an Economic Opportunity Area to further assist you. When your new or expanded project is certified, you are eligible for:
  • A municipal property exemption (Tax Increment Financing, or TIF)
  • 10% Abandoned Building Tax Deduction (for renovations), if applicable
  • 5% State Investment Tax Credit for qualifying tangible, depreciable investments (real estate and equipment)
If approved, your business’s local property tax burden is reduced in exchange for a pledge to provide local employment opportunities. The EDC has successfully advocated for TIFs for new business investment.

Massachusetts Office of Business Development

By locating in Douglas, you will also have the opportunity to work with the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD). MOBD assists with tax-exempt financing and other programs to help your business grow. Funding up to $250,000 in grants is also available for employee-training programs from the Massachusetts Department of Employment and Training.

We encourage new businesses to work closely with the Town’s Community Development Department to facilitate permitting or changes of use to existing facilities.